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Photographer by vocation, seems to see the world better through the viewfinder of his camera. He began his career at age 15 experienced first-hand the beauty of analog photographic work, waiting for the precise moment of the click, the film with its textures and nuances particular, see the result only after the magic of revelation, developing a very particular sensibility.
Observer seeks one singular moment where the characters, the situation, light and luck are in such harmony that make a moment deserves to be immortalized. If photography is the art of waiting, it is also often the art of anticipation, you feel something in the air that says "this is the moment."
Working mostly with natural light, its main theme is the real, show what happens to crude way, without too many touches, however nuanced, even more about black and white photography in their preferred technique.
Graduated in advertising since 1996 working as a cameraman and director of photography  in major TV channels like HBO, Globo, Record, SBT, among others. The work behind the scenes video also gave him greater contact and taste for reality, its colors and its characters, and get him to meet other cultures, styles and aesthetics.



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